Widely recognised for our premium quality olives Authentic Egyptian Olive Oil Helping you realise innovative products that are tailored to your specific markets Our experience enables us to guarantee that our products comply with the required specifications of each country Relentless effort and continuous commitment to provide premium quality and impeccable service We carefully harvest the olives to prevent fruit damage

The Company


ARABIAN CO. FOR FOOD PRODUCTS AND OILS S.A.E combines the latest technologies with decades of experience in agribusiness. Our production lines are 100% automated. We grow our olives, and produce, pack and export our olives and olive oil, with complete control over all our products, from beginning to end. This, together with the level of professionals that makes our team, ensures quality excellence.

Our Mission: is to become the leading producer of pickled olives and olive oil in the region, and one of the preeminent global manufacturers, through continuos improvement of our supply chain, rigours control of our product, consistent quality and service, and unremitting dedication to exceed our customers expectations.