Widely recognised for our premium quality olives Authentic Egyptian Olive Oil Helping you realise innovative products that are tailored to your specific markets Our experience enables us to guarantee that our products comply with the required specifications of each country Relentless effort and continuous commitment to provide premium quality and impeccable service We carefully harvest the olives to prevent fruit damage

Production Process

"A careful selection of primary products, rigorous quality control, and careful preparation are the keys to offering products that exceed clients’ expectations ”  

Wael Adham, Managing Director Arabian Co.
Quality control starts with harvesting: Harvest beings in September and continues till January. Our quality control at point of origin ensures that all olives processed are of top quality. We carefully harvest the olives to prevent fruit damage. We transport our olives to our factories immediately after harvesting. The proximity of our mills to our farms enables us to process our olives minutes after their harvesting.
Rigorous Selection: The rigorous selection we carry out in the productive areas, and the experience of our staff, allow us to offer a product which is fully guaranteed in terms of quality and taste.
Analysis: We maintain a continuous commitment and concern to offer the highest quality in all our products. For this purpose, we have extensive, modern laboratories for analysis and quality control.
Transformation and Packaging: The transformation and packaging processes take place in our own facilities, allowing us to control the correct preparation of all the products we commercialise. 
Our philosophy of adapting to the needs of customers has led the company to install flexible, versatile manufacturing lines which allow us to offer our products in a wide range of formats and packages